My Goal

          My goal is to bring awareness to individuals on the ways we are hurting the earth and help educate sustainable living.

          By hand sewing sustainable goods, repurposing items and creating art with a message. Earth Formations is completely inspired by the natural beauty of our mother earth and taking care of her.

          The idea of Earth Formations was formed on the tiny island of St. Thomas, there I swam miles with the turtles collecting sea glass and cleaning up the beaches. Salt Lake City, Utah is currently where I am based.


           People, Earth, and Animals are the most important things to me. To show that, I am sharing 10% of my profits towards three beautiful organizations. When checking out there is a tab that gives you the option of where your 10% will go (people, earth or animals). Each foundation has been thoroughly researched and determined legit.

           When people wear Earth Formations I hope they can wear it proud. The logo represents a passionate conscious company that is working hard to create an impact. Each purchase you make is a small (but important) part of making the world a little bit better. 




Contact Me :)

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Phone: 801-349-5121

We Respond Usually Within 24 hours